Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Roommate

I met Molly the Wednesday before school started. 
We were wearing the same outfit that day. Red shirts and jeans.
And our moms were (are) named Michele with one "L". 

We were roommates. 
We both liked green and polka dots. 
And decorated both our room and our bathroom in rainbows.
We said it was to combat any gloomy weather. But who knows?

Anyway, that was two and a half years ago. 
Feels like longer.
Probably because we lived together.
So many memories in that time. 
Isn't it funny that you "make a lifetime" in a short time with people when you move away from home?
I think that's it.

Today is a special day for Molly. 
A really important day. 
She's not going to be Molly Schwaninger anymore
She'll be Mrs. Jerrad Fletcher
I'm, sadly, not in Michigan to witness the event but I can't wait to see pictures and see the newlyweds once they return to Spokane. And I know the dress is gorgeous; I just haven't seen it on her.
Congrats, best-roommate-ever! 
(for some reason those were our phone tags for awhile)


  1. Do I spy a Moody sweatshirt? :) I attend MBI in Chicago.

  2. I've lived in Chicago since January 2009. My fiance and I applied to Moody together (we are high school sweethearts). He was accepted for Fall 2008, but I was placed on a waiting list. :) Moody offered the 1+3 program to me, but I opted to wait for a spot in Chicago. Moving from NC to WA would have been expensive!

  3. Do you know anybody who transferred from Spokane to Chicago? It would be fun it we had some common acquaintances!

  4. Yay, weddings! Love your new layout, btw. <3


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