Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Half!

For our six-month anniversary, I made a cake.
I had a great idea to make a round layer cake and cut it in half because we've been married for half a year.
I don't have round cake pans though so forget that!

I used this mix that I already had

And instead used chocolate chips to make the "1/2". 
It looked too much like an equation so I grabbed a cupcake liner and wrote "happy"
And there you have it,
Happy 1/2!

Carson may or may not have forgotten about it. 
Mondays are busy.
And how important are half anniversaries to boys anyway?
We were tired when we got home, so he admired and we went to bed.
But before work and school the next morning, we dug in.

And of course, I asked for a picture. 

And that was how we celebrated!

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