Thursday, November 25, 2010


It's our first Thanksgiving as a married couple! And already starting off to be interesting :)
How? Well, on Tuesday, I ate a turkey and cheese sandwich that Carson made. I hadn't realized that we still had that turkey in the fridge, which was possibly a huge clue that I shouldn't have placed it in my mouth.
After feeling funny on Wednesday, having zero appetite, and being totally grossed out by the smell of pumpkin pie baking (weird), I decided to skip the Thanksgiving Eve service. Good thing too, because not thirty minutes after Carson walked out the door, up came everything I'd eaten in the last 30 hours, which wasn't much. I visited the bathroom a few more times last night and am finally feeling better this morning.

I've learned my lesson though: Don't eat questionable food from the fridge!

Moving along...

We are quite thankful today! We've been blessed in SO many ways that I'm sure getting them all down won't happen. Here goes:

- Thankful for snow tires
- Thankful for SNOW (my first white holiday!)
- Thankful for our jobs
- Thankful for six months of marriage!
- Thankful for the ability to go to school
- Thankful for our church family
- Thankful for a place to live (and the people who live on our hall)
- Thankful for a car that is dependable (and now can drive on the icy streets without freaking me out!)
- Thankful for our parents
- Thankful for our siblings, siblings-in-law, and nieces (the one we have and the one who will be here soon!)
- Thankful for not being sick this morning!
- Thankful for friends, many far away, and many who are right here with us
- Thankful for a place to spend Thanksgiving
- Thankful for our relationships with Jesus Christ, the security and freedom we have there, and the growth we experience through Him.

We really have much to be thankful for today, and the rest of the year.
I love that we have a day set aside to consider all that God has done, and to spend that with people we love.

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