Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas in Pennsylvania

Apparently, an update on Christmas has been requested. 
(yes, Granddaddy, Carson passed along your message!)

We went to Pennsylvania for Christmas this year. Trent, Erin and their daughters Brooklyn and Kennedy live there and Mike and Danita traveled with us so even though it's not home to us, we were spending the holiday with family. 
This is going to be a picture-heavy post, so prepare yourselves! 

We slept in the pink princess bed. It was actually super comfy. Not to mention pink, quite possibly Carson's favorite part. Ha. 

Kennedy gave Carson lessons in how to be cool

Grandpa and Kennedy (and Chloe) recapped our last trip together

The ladies went on a last-minute shopping excursion two days before Christmas

Kennedy sat on Santa's lap

The brothers wore matching PJs (last year's gift)

Brooklyn found a friend 

Christmas morning happened early, with a number of us under the weather

I hope this trait won't stick around... 

We watched the DisneyWorld Christmas day parade

We had a lazy day 

Brooklyn was a ham 

We took family pictures Christmas night

We cuddled in our new pajamas

We read princess stories

We cuddled some more 

Erin and I went to New York the day after Christmas. 
I felt terrible all day (that was the day I got sick) but I'm still glad we went. 
We saw the big tree, Central Park, Magnolia Bakery, Radio City Music Hall and browsed some stores.
 I'd love to return when I'm feeling better and conquer more of the city but it was still very fun!

That's the tree in Rockefeller Center to the left of the picture 

Rockefeller Center 

Tried on some fuzzy headgear 

Kennedy and Aunt Lindsay

Grandma Bay and her babies 

Silly Uncle Carson and Kennedy

One last picture before driving to the airport

In the car

And one final picture to end the trip... either Mike in the background is pretending he isn't related or he simply missed the memo. 

Things that stood out about this trip:
#1 - EVERYONE got sick... flu-like symptoms. Christmas Eve - the day after Christmas at least one person had no appetite and ended up throwing up. I know you didn't want to know that. The good thing about that is that we hung out at home... a lot. 
#2 - It didn't snow. I sort of anticipated Pennsylvania to be a snowy Norman Rockwell setting, and it wasn't. It was 60 degrees when we arrived, so I'm not going to complain. I'm used to warm-climate Christmases anyway.
#3 - Kennedy can say full sentences! She was hilarious. Very cute and sweet, even though she has her two year old moments. Carson called her the prettiest little girl he'd ever met. She can say our names correctly now, which is great though perhaps not as funny.
#4 - Brooklyn can walk! She's very tiny, so it looks a bit odd to see her motoring about that way, but she's very cute and sweet. She loved everyone and was drawn to Carson. 

It was a great trip. We enjoyed our time there and probably left everyone exhausted, but we had a lovely time!

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  1. Yay , You did great Lindz ! These are the first photos I have seen of your trip. The girls are growing up. So glad you got to all be together for Christmas.


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