Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Celebrations Continue

Even though it was supposed arrive the day we arrive back in Spokane, the Christmas box from my parents didn't actually arrive until January 3, which made for a festive celebration in our little apartment. We opened socks (lots of socks), candy, gum, new pens, a neat letter sign, clothing and more from the family. Check out my strange frustrated face; I was having some trouble with tape.

You probably don't remember, but last new year's eve we went to Taco Bell. It was the very last thing we did in 2012, so we said we wouldn't eat Taco Bell for the whole of 2011. I never really liked Taco Bell anyway so it wasn't much of a sacrifice. Turns out that all we wanted in 2011 was fake mexican food (aka Taco Bell). We actually went three days before the year was out because we made a stop on the way back from the airport and were hungry, and we planned to make that count instead of going on January 1. 
Then, of course, I was sad that I didn't document our fast food indulgence. So we went again on January 2. Nope, we shouldn't have. Yes, it was greasy and a little gross. But I got my pictures and I really do love those curly cinnamon things :)

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