Thursday, January 5, 2012

How We Rang in 2012

Dying to know how we celebrated the arrival of this new year? 
Well, let me be honest... it wasn't super exciting. 
Nevertheless, here you go!

Carson worked New Year's Eve. When he returned, he went off to work out while I took the car to buy a few groceries so that we could eat dinner. We had chicken salads and crescent rolls.

Then Carson got some studying in. He didn't seem to notice that I took this picture.

We then played with the unpacked Christmas ornaments

And watched this movie. I didn't like it at all. 

While we watched, we ate Peppermint Candy ice cream. One of the best things about this time of year.

We're on Pacific Time here in Spokane, so we missed the live feeds of the ball drop in Times Square. So we watched it on YouTube before it was actually midnight.

The reason for that was that we planned to watch the fireworks downtown at midnight. We drove a few blocks away (if we had walked, we might have missed the fireworks; it was 5 minutes till midnight when we decided to see them) where we had a clear view of downtown and waited. 
Sure enough, we heard loud cheers from downtown (the squiggly lines below) and then the sky lit up!

Our first picture of 2012. I look way too excited. 

We returned home (our car's heater had kicked in by that time) and popped the sparkling cider with Carson's new alligator bottle opener.

I made this sign and we took a picture with it after church on Sunday. 
Welcome 2012!

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  1. A few comments, actually. 1: you have a white vest! 2. I've been wanting a white vest. 3. I now also want an alligator bottle opener - how cool is that?? 4. You and your long curly hair are very pretty. 5. I miss you. 6. We (by which I mean you, because you're better at this stuff) should somehow photoshop all of our New Year Fingers pictures together for the years we've been apart. :-D


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