Friday, January 13, 2012

Romans Class

Last semester, I enrolled in a class on the book of Romans. It's a required, senior class here at Moody and I was SO excited to get way over my head in theology and struggle with the text. I've been looking forward to it my whole Moody "career".

Only, I sat through three weeks and dropped last semester's class. The reason? The way it was taught in that particular class was too academic for me. I don't understand Hebrew or even the tiniest bit of Greek, so the professor's lecture left me confused, and doodling. So I dropped that class and decided instead to take the  two-week Jan Term version, taught by someone else. Usually, when I drop a class and decide to take it later (or just decide to wait because I'm not really looking forward to that class), I regret my decision. "Couldn't I have just dealt with sixteen weeks of that class? My schedule would be so much better!"

That was NOT the case with this class.

I started my Romans class last Tuesday and today is the last day of class. That's nine days of class time, four hours a day. And you know what? I absolutely LOVE this class. One of the best I've taken, for sure.

This book, formerly frightening, has lost a little of its scare in my mind. The outlines and chapter breakdowns have been so helpful. I don't understand the book to its fullest capacities, but I have a greater grasp on the key themes, words, passages and doctrines of the book of Romans after taking this class. The homework assignments (the gospel, totally from Romans; a chart breaking down the book; a research paper on any passage we'd like [Romans 6:15-23 for me]) have been more uplifting and personally encouraging than daunting and annoying time-consuming. Basically, this has been great. I'm even a little sad to see it end.

Just in case you were wondering how school was going, the answer is "Great!" and the Spring semester hasn't even started. January 30 I'll be heading back into a full last semester before I graduate.

Two thumbs up for shorter classes though. They force the Scriptures and information to be at the top of your mind, instead of sandwiched in with other things. Love the things I've learned in shorter classes like this one!

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