Monday, April 25, 2011

resurrection day

Easter morning began in a tent. More on that coming soon. 
I woke up before Carson and took that time to make his Easter basket and hide eggs. 
I hid them in easy spots because otherwise, I wouldn't remember where I put them.

The chocolate bunny is a tribute to my childhood because I always got the ones that looked like this. 
The other chocolate just looked good. 
The Peeps were so cute on a stick (and we kind of love them).
And the puzzle was because we don't have any, the $ store did, and it looked like fun. 

Carson woke up to this on my pillow. 

Told you they were easy to find...

Before church, Carson ran out and grabbed milk for later. 
...and an Easter basket for me. 
We exchanged them after church. 
Which, by the way, was so great. He had to work in the nursery, so I enjoyed it without him. The sermon was convicting and good, and the church was packed. 

A Peep kabob 

I made oreo balls for our Easter dinner that afternoon. 
A package of Oreos, an 8oz package of cream cheese. 
Dip them in chocolate and cover with sprinkles.
I luckily already had springy sprinkles.  
(thanks, Becca!)

They look a little strange, but they taste so good!

After church and after dipping in chocolate, we took pictures on the porch. 

The Bays

Rachel, Isabel, Lindsay

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