Friday, April 22, 2011

eleven months

In April of 2010, 
I was living in Olympia
I was packing for South Carolina
I was addressing wedding invites
I had lots to do and a brain that thought "WEDDING" 24/7

I was enjoying cherry blossoms
I was experiencing a need for rain boots

I had my first bridal shower

April of 2010 was my last full month sans Carson. 
I saw him twice that month: once for Easter and once the day I left to go home (he took me to the airport)
A year ago today, I had thirty days to go until I was his bride. 

whew, he had some shaggy hair! he was kind enough to cut it for the wedding

Today, I have thirty days left before I've been his wife for twelve months. 
We've learned a lot. 
Grown a lot.
Fought a little. 
Loved each other more. 

Being engaged was great. Planning a wedding was great. But having that behind us and being married? So great. 
Plus, no stress about it raining on the wedding day this way :)

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