Sunday, April 17, 2011


Two hours after we got back from Sandpoint, Carson's parents drove into town for a visit. 
They've been here before, but the last time was actually the day of our first date, so I wasn't there.

We went to the Wall Street Diner for lunch.
We drove around Spokane
And to a spot where you can see the whole city
(and the bad weather took a break for the weekend!)

We went to a fabric store (guess which "we" I refer to)
while the other half of us went to Bowl and Pitcher
I now have a nice collection of beautiful fabric!

Then we rented a couple of movies (one was a backup in case the other was lame)
And got two pizzas
And went back to the house we were staying at (we were housesitting)
And watched the movie that we weren't sure about. 
It was okay... but really long so we didn't finish it that night (carson and I did the next day)

The next morning, we were going to have Abelskivers, but the pan didn't work, so we had pancakes instead
And then we went off to church
After that, drove downtown for lunch (Panda)
And Carson and Mike went to walk down to the Falls
While Danita and I made the more fun decision of going to Madelines for coffee and hot chocolate.

And that was pretty much it. 
A really short visit, but great. We're glad that they made the long drive for a short stay!


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