Saturday, April 16, 2011


Spring break fell on the last weekend of March. I got the last three days of the week off to have a break for spring break, and we went on a little trip!
We went about 1.5 hours away to Sandpoint, Idaho. I'd been there before for a little daytrip with friends, but it was new to Carson!

The first thing we did was take a nap. I woke up first... 

 This was the view from our balcony room

I took a similar picture to this one when I went two years ago and Dad asked if I was going to take another. I did!

Carson has said that if he could be any animal, it would be a lion. So here he is embracing his alter-ego.

...and his inner child

 Yes, he's taller than me but not that much... I held the camera at arm's length and shot up.


(there would be a sunrise picture but we were on vacation with black-out curtains... no light = more sleep)


Dinner. This sounded better to us than the nice meal we'd planned on. 

We watched a lot of TV because it was raining and because we don't have one of our own. 

Really cloudy

I remember buying these but not eating them... it was right after the pizza.
Things we did on this trip:
-walked around and looked in cute little shops
-ate mexican (I wasn't feeling hungry so I had a salad... I hate having salads at restaurants because I feel high maintenance)
-made Carson's maiden voyage to a dollar store that was well-stocked (he didn't want to initially but ended up finding so much stuff)
-ate stuffed-crust pizza
-ate gelato
-walked around the beach
-visited a fun little shop with danish and finnish things (that's Carson's heritage)
-went to a yummy cafe for breakfast and ended up with lunch food

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