Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm sitting in front of a window looking at the sky, painted  with watercolored shades of blue and yellow. The sun gleams over the edges of clouds (I always think it looks like heaven when it does that). It's a peaceful Tuesday night sunset and yes, I'm enjoying it with a computer in front of me, but I'm pleased to be enjoying it at all. 

Things have been so busy lately. Nothing out of control or awful, just little time for the quiet. 

Lately, I have discovered that I need the quiet. I need the downtime it provides, the rest and sleep, the ability to get things done that are just background, small things... quiet is something I crave without realizing it. 

{And when I do realize it, it's only after I've gotten really cranky.}

I think we were created for these down times. To enjoy a sunset in a quiet house. To sip coffee or tea when no one is around. To spend time digging in a garden for some, reading a book for others, and perhaps even taking a nap. These times of rest can be worshipful as we enjoy the creation we've been given. 

We can also enjoy the Creator through the fact that we get super tired (and yes, cranky) when we don't have those moments. We were made not just to be alone but to take time off. God Himself worked for six days and then took a rest on the seventh. I'm pretty sure God doesn't get tired (He's invincible!) but He made that space in time to rest for a moment. 

As Christians, it's a little hard to argue with the fact that since God rested, we should follow that model. 

Yes, that was the excuse for a nap that you were looking for. To cancel what you weren't looking forward to doing tonight because you've been DOING for as long as you can remember. To let the dishes soak while you go enjoy the sunset. 

Maybe rest is just what you need... a little focus on Him, a little breath of air in the middle of your 9-5? 

Along with all that He created, I'd agree that is is good.


NOT what I'm looking at right now... this was taken on our honeymoon. If you need to, click on it to make it big and soak up the peaceful feel of this picture :D

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  1. Amen! I say this while I hear a little baby boy screaming over the monitor... Sounds like he and I both need a little quiet. lol. love ya!


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