Tuesday, April 19, 2011

our table runneth over

Our living room is a long room that's essentially three in one - office, dining room and living room. Four, if you count the fact that it's also our foyer.

Anyway, with the room being so multifaceted, it's become something of a habit of ours to let things pile up on the table. Papers to grade, mail, books, keys.... 

I've been wanting to make the table look a little prettier. The hope is that things won't pile up but since we all know that's not going to happen, the fact is, I just wanted a pretty table. 

So this weekend, I made a table runner while Carson was away. 
I planned to use these three fabrics but stuck to the green and orange ones.

I ironed (on the floor because our ironing board died and was thrown away)

I sewed

I made a really long runner (yes, I did know it was uneven)

And somehow broke a needle in my machine

In the end, the living room looked like this:
(that's Singing in the Rain in the background. I watched two movies while sewing, pausing them when I ran the machine so I could hear.)

I cut and sewed and lined up and reinforced 

It was this time when I finished

But here it is in the morning, underneath my glass bowl
(yep, those are gumballs. they make this apartment popular in the building)

This was the time consuming part: the other side is a bunch of random fabrics stitched together.

So here's to hoping the pretty will make a bad impression on all keys, papers and books that try to hang out on the table.


  1. This is so great...I love the end product! How perfectly awesome of you...oh, and I also went to Kiev, Ukraine for a mission trip! Weird, huh? =)
    Kristina J.

  2. I wish I was crafty like you! It's beautiful!


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