Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I've already mentioned that we did Bloomsday
Carson and I didn't run together... I ran with a friend from work! 

7.46 miles of pure joy. And pain. And sweat. And sunburn. But we didn't feel like we were going to die or give up at any point so I guess that's a plus. I think it helped that we were running with 50,000 of our closest friends... people watching and commenting on the outrageous costumes people wore made it fun.

We didn't train, weren't in shape, and pretty much did it together for moral support. Our time was horrible, but we both have bad knees (and probably worse endurance) and the 20 minute long line for the bathroom didn't help either. All this to say... at least we did it! 

1. A nice random person took one of us before we started. And by the way, about ten minutes before our color group even began, someone had won the race. We're talking 30 minutes!
2. People throw their jackets and sweatshirts into the trees, later to be collected for charity. Can't imagine how much work that took, getting them down! 
3. All sorts of characters, bands, people selling cold treats, people passing out water, and singers greeted us on the way. Jessica asked me to take her picture with this guy. 
4. Definitely not mine, brightroom photography took pictures as we crossed the finish. This way, I got to see Carson finish! All three of us look really worried about crossing that line.  
5. The joy on our faces with the finish line behind us. And the next picture is the finish line itself. 

So fun, and hoping to run the whole thing next year! Who knows, maybe next time we'll win!


  1. Thank your for explaining the pictures...I was going to ask about the clothes in the trees. I was worried that people decided to de-clothe themselves, and I was going to say how very disturbed I would have been. But alas, I am not. ;)

  2. that looks so fun!
    and don't apologize for your ran over seven miles. that's awesome.


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