Thursday, May 26, 2011

first anniversary

We have completed one year of marriage. Um, wow. 
We spent one night in a hotel downtown... it was easier + less travel time than going somewhere. Plus, we live in a really great place. 

We got this card from the Kipes... several people remembered our day and sent us cards! Thank you!
We went for a little stroll
Walking downtown from our hotel.
Right above my head, the top corner room, was where we stayed.
 We saw wildlife.
This is a Marmot. I'd never seen one before.
 We visited Spokane Falls.
You can tell he wanted me to take this picture...or not.

 We were excited to find that SPRING has come to Spokane at last! 
Ps - yes, it was warm enough to wear that dress. It was really hot!
 We enjoyed Carson's gift
(A preface: we decided to give each other "paper" gifts since it's our paper anniversary)
He got tickets to Wicked

Before the show

Not actually my picture. I google-imaged pictures of Wicked.
 After the show we walked through the park back to our hotel

Oh, and we stopped at a store to get random food. This guy came back with us. 
It turned out that we had neither fridge nor microwave so his life ended in the garbage. 
On another note, this wasn't mine. I don't like frozen burritos so much.

The next day we browsed shops downtown and then went to a pizza place for lunch. 
I suggested a self-timer picture. 
He wouldn't scoot over for me to get in.

We look like babies in this one.

Then we went home. 

Where we proceeded to cut a cake for our first anniversary.
A peanut butter chocolate cake.
With "1 Year" written on the top in yellow frosting. Can you see it?

We cut it together... and since it was super hard ice cream, one half went flying across the counter. 
We will eat it anyway.

Happy Anniversary to us!

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  1. :-) yay for fun times! Looked like a lovely anniversary!


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