Sunday, December 25, 2011

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Christmas came a week early for the Bays this year. Since we would be in Pennsylvania for Christmas (that's where we are now), we celebrated on December 18, the Sunday before. 
The day began with our church's children's pageant. It was HILARIOUS and packed. We usually sit in the second row but that was crowded with excited parents (see the cameras in the bottom right). A super cute pageant with christmas carols and the story. I think the whole thing was less than ten minutes long. Whoever plans it is prepared for short little attention spans!

After that, we headed home (across the parking lot), changed into pajamas, and opened gifts. We decided to open one gift the night before, which backfired. That's why in the pictures below we're wearing different outfits. We opened about half on Saturday and the other half on Sunday. Oops.

Obligatory "Christmas Morning" picture

The gifts:

I like to leave the paper on the floor and clean up later... feels more Christmassy to me that way but it looks like SUCH a mess!

After the wrapping paper was cleared away, we settled down to read the Christmas Story and then watch Christmas movies. We started with The Nativity Story; then Carson took a long nap while I got things done, then we turned on The Holiday while doing a puzzle. We finished things off with Little Women while decorating our gingerbread house from Nana (what a great gift! I love doing gingerbread homes!)

Our "Christmas" was spent in pajamas, was lazy and full of time together. We enjoyed our day so much!

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