Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas Wedding

I don't recall ever attending a Christmas wedding, but I've seen pictures. Floor length gowns, twinkling lights and poinsettias, escaping into a winter wonderland... 
That's exactly what we did last weekend. 
I arrived at 8am to help the bridesmaids with hair. The room was bustling as people got ready, from makeup and hair to decorating the church, to making sure everything was going to run smoothly. The bustle of the day is one of the fun parts about weddings, I think. 

The veil is on!

Carson took this during the wedding

 Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Stocks!

The tables at the reception had paper to write notes to the newlyweds that would be folded into paper airplanes (the groom is a pilot) and thrown in lieu of rice 

Carson was in rare form with what he wrote. I'll leave that to your imaginations.

Aaron and Maila

The Bays and the Stockses 

Old roommates and great friends

Maid of Honor and I

Rachel and Emily getting ready to toss their planes


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