Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Mom

Today is December First. 

My mother is turning a year older today. I feel that I can say that because she doesn't really seem too bothered when a new year rolls around. Plus, people are always telling me (and her, presumably) how young she looks and how skinny she looks and how pretty she looks. So I guess I wouldn't mind getting a year older were I in her shoes. 

She raised and homeschooled my brother and sister and I (which wasn't easy... I remember being so disobedient that I was threatened with "real" school... I cried but can you blame her?). She did all the on site work for our wedding. She is currently planning other people's weddings, my sister's included (yay!). She sews, crafts, sells things that she makes and pretends that she doesn't treat my parents' three dogs like children. She's at home in South Carolina with her only (human) child who hasn't left the nest, my baby brother. I get texts several times a week from her and we talk every couple of weeks on the phone.

My mom is one of the people that I miss the most. She gets more sleep now than she ever did when I was there because I would keep her up until very late just talking. Whenever I see a Jane Austen type of movie I think of her and wish she could be there to see it with me too. When I pass fabric stores, I think of her vast collection. When I see my "old Bible" (my big red one that is completely ripped and in terrible condition) I think of her, because she bought one for me after I admired the maps in hers. I think of her teeny tiny writing and the strange little symbols she used to mark that study Bible to pieces. It always sits in the living room right where she leaves it after her early morning devotion. 

I think of more things when I think of my mom, but that's what sticks out the most - that Bible. I think she'll be glad that that's what I think of but it isn't why I'm writing that. My mother loves Jesus and loves His word. Because of her, I do too. 

Happy Birthday, mom :)

these are the most recent pictures i have with her... haven't seen her for a year


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