Friday, September 30, 2011

Owl Howl

So there's this "thing" I have with owls. 
I may have mentioned it before but it basically started with being asked what my favorite animal was and coming up with "owl" as the response. I wasn't thinking real owl... because sometimes, they're a bit creepy. I was thinking about CUTE owls, which I call good owls.
Owl stuff is everywhere, which means I've been collecting it (strictly as gifts... I'm not actually a collector)
I have an apron, cookie jar, oven mitt, plate, coin purse, earrings, children's book (also the title of this post) necklace... and probably other items I'm forgetting. 

I guess it goes without saying that I'd try my hand at making my own owls. 

These are quite possibly the silliest things I'll ever make, but they're fun to make and when I'm done they seem to take on little personalities. Not really, but I love how the cut and pattern of each fabric make each little owl pillow different. The brown one in the middle was my very first owl and the pink one was my first attempt at hand embroidery. These little guys are fun... and I think they need homes. I don't actually have the space (or desire for so many owls in my home, they just happen to be easy and fun to make. 


  1. ooh I like them!

    and I think you could make these really easy with old scrap fabric; like from an old shirt you don't love anymore :)

  2. Oh, and I'm with your the winker.

  3. and you know... i bet they'd makes GREAT presents some day ;)


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