Sunday, August 14, 2011

US Tour: Pennsylvania Part Two

The trip to Naches begins here
Pennsylvania begins here 

One thing I love about the east coast is that I know people who live all over it. 
So when Jillian texted me when we were touring the Crayola Factory, saying that she had Monday off and that she was a three hour drive away, I started to pray. It seemed perfect - she had the time, we were mere hours apart, and it had been over a year (since my wedding) since we'd seen each other. 
It DID work out. 

And that's how we came to have our very first as-married-women sleepover in a Cinderella bed. 
Come to think of it, I'm not so sure there will be another like it :)

And how we found ourselves driving to Philadelphia on Monday morning

We played with the girls in a park while Trent and Erin had a meeting

We will probably take pictures like this every time we see each other, though the rings aren't going to change

We moved inside because it was HOT 

This, by the way, is one of the books Carson picked out for Kennedy's birthday.
It seemed to be her number one pick of the week.
The link is here. Carson loved this book so much I may have to buy it for him.

We drove further into the city for cheesesteaks. We were following the van so closely and then got stopped by a red light. When we caught up, we were in the far right lane and they were turning left. Oops.

Thank God for GPS systems (and cell phones to get addresses)

All in all, we did enjoy the adventure provided us by getting "lost"

And then we found the cheesesteak place.

 And then Jillian turned into a pumpkin.
So we hugged and parted ways. 
It was so wonderful, random, great and strange to spend a day with her!

We continued walking until we found a park to eat in

We walked a lot, but didn't do any tours because the poor little girls would probably have been SO bored. So Mike and Trent went to see the Liberty Bell while we waited in air conditioning. 
Which is where I saw this person texting in colonial attire:

After that, we went to a park

They stared at each other for forever before they were prompted to say hello. He waved too, but I missed it.

Kennedy and Grandma went on the carousel. 

And Erin and I took a picture. 

The next day, we went to go play in the fountains. Too many kids for Kennedy, so we just watched other kids play. 

The Bay women

That night, Erin made Pesto Pasta (yum!) and I made a S'more Pie. 

And Brooklyn looked super cute after her bath. 

She pulled herself up to a stand for the first time

And on our last day, we hung around at the house a bit, I side-braided Erin's hair and mine, and visited Bethlehem, PA where we had lunch and ice cream before saying our goodbyes at the airport.

What a fun visit and I hope to come back as soon as possible!


  1. Such a special time! God is so good to give such awesome surprises! I love and miss you and am so thankful for our time together. muah!

  2. So jealous Jillian got to visit you! Wish I could have while you were all the way over to the East coast. Maybe in December!


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