Wednesday, August 10, 2011

US Tour: Pennsylvania Part One

I was invited to go with Mike + Danita, Carson's parents, for a visit to Pennsylvania.
That's where his brother, his wife, and their two little girls live. 

I got to experience Grandma being a grandma...

And these huge brown eyes

And play at the Crayola factory with these blue eyes

And sleep in this bed (every little girl's dream!) 

And help make these cupcakes

For a Sesame Street Party that was so cute and THEMED 
(just like the parties we planned, Em and Jill!)

Kennedy turned two

Erin and Brooklyn, Kennedy and I
Side note: I have an older sister now! Marriage has provided me with great family

Elmo came to the party
Have you ever seen a kid who wasn't scared of costumed characters? 

The cutest little family
(Brooklyn seemed to love how fuzzy Elmo was)

The Bay Family (minus Carson)

Grandpa and Brooklyn 

Watching Tangled in the backyard! 

Kennedy and Grandpa

Smiley and Grandma

Part two comes tomorrow...

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  1. Glad you had a great time with the Bays. That Elmo makes me a little frightened!


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