Sunday, August 7, 2011

US Tour: Naches, Broken Bones, Olympia

So I'm back from a lengthy stay at places where I do not live. 
I went to Naches. 
To Olympia.
To Pennsylvania. 
To Olympia again.
To Naches again.
After 18 days away from home, I'm eyeing my suitcase hoping that it will decide to unpack itself before I leave on Monday for Montana. No luck thus far.

So I'm going to recap this trip

I'm such an overpacker that I was proud to have fit all I needed into one suitcase for 18 days.
Plus a small bag for books and such. 


In Naches

You might not guess this, but the tables were NOT round. 

Wearing his fire sweatshirts 

We went to see the last Harry Potter. I made him pose 

After the movie

Good ol' laundromat

Waiting for our food at a Mexican restaurant
(yes, we ate out quite a bit, but he had gift cards...) 

The river in Yakima 

Our Friday night attire. I was chilly and had packed for hot weather, so I'm wearing shorts with leggings and one of Carson's shirts. He's wearing flannel pjs 
(which he LOVES by the way... if you want to get a gift that he'll enjoy, make it fleece pj pants. he lives in them at home.) 

 Bible and cherries

Conquering the annoying piece of plastic that had been hanging from the bottom of my car for over a year 

Mac and cheese for dinner. His had hot dogs in it. Sage wanted some.

Saying goodbye for what we THOUGHT would be several weeks. 

Broken Foot

Lacing up his boots for what turned out to be the last time in awhile

Wait, whhhhaaaatttt? 

Well, you see, when I was about 2 hours from Carson, driving to Olympia to hang out with his parents, I got a call from him. Strange, since he was at work. "Where are you?" "I just went over the pass, why?" "Welll... I sprained my foot. It's no big deal, but it's swollen and I can't walk very well so they gave me the day off and I'll be fine tomorrow"
Long story short, he was running with the other guys from work, doing PT and tripped over something (think pinecone) or nothing and thought he sprained his foot. Thinking it was no big deal, he continued running for several miles. It hurt really bad so he walked back to the station and someone drove him home. 
The next day, Carson went to the ER and had a doctor check it out. An x-ray later, he discovered that his foot was broken, not sprained. Six weeks on crutches with his foot in a boot. Six weeks of office work. Six weeks of not going on assignment. 

So he was given the week off, and came to Olympia on Monday so that he could spend time with the family + me.


In all his glory. 

His right foot is the broken one. It's swollen, though it looked worse in person. The broken part is about an inch under his 2nd smallest toe. It's bruised on the bottom so I guess it's one of those bones? He wasn't all about poking and prodding to explain so I'm not sure. 

The next day, we hit the pool in the backyard 

Summer came to Olympia! This picture is just so summery and fun

Cadle, Carson and I

He looks like an 8 year old here 

And then, Carson was forced into a haircut. Very scary, considering I was doing the honors and I've never cut anyone's hair but my own. 


During - we were not as happy as we look. He was super grumpy and we argued. 


And then on Wednesday night, he took us to the airport.

Part Two: Pennsylvania coming soon!

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  1. I'm just catching up on your blog, Lindsay, and just had to comment... love reading your fun updates! And the part about the haircut + super grumpy + arguing made me smile because that sounds just like us sometimes when I give my hubby haircuts. :) Actually, he says that he'd rather pay for a haircut than put that strain on our marriage, ha! :)


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