Friday, July 23, 2010

For Emily

Well, sort of for Emily. I didn't know what to write about and she suggested that I give details on the "humbler" things in our life right now: the laundry and the grocery stores.

We do our laundry at the Naches Laundry. It is not my favorite place to spend time, but then again, it would be a bit sad if my favorite place WAS the laundromat. For a laundromat, I think it's actually pretty expensive so we do laundry less frequently than I'd like. I usually sit in there with a book, or with one of the 1980-something magazines sitting there. They're quite entertaining, actually.

A "story" about the laundromat and why I do sit there reading old magazines: We washed our comforter one day and then went to town. We were gone longer than we should have gone. Actually, the whole thing wasn't super smart. But when we came back, the comforter was not there. We'd love to know who ran out with a comforter but who have no idea. Hopefully they're warm! (We do have a new one - thankfully, we had lots of Target cards as wedding gifts and we got one in similar colors)

And the grocery stores: This is actually funny to me, that Em wanted me to write about it at all. She LOVES the grocery stores out here. I'm fond of them too, but would never have thought to write about them. I shop primarily at Fred Meyer. It's a grocery store, yes, but also has a clothing section, jewelry store, bank, cookware, house ware section and a deli in it. That makes it sound like Wal-Mart but it isn't. It's cheaper for one thing. And it doesn't have really bright fluorescent lights. And it's not that huge. And the one in Spokane, which Emily loved, had an escalator up to the clothing section, which is just neat in a grocery store. The one in Yakima doesn't have an escalator, but I still like shopping here.

And no, we don't have a grocery store in town. What we do have: a park (pool, tennis courts, playground), a restaurant/bakery, a statuary (place that sells garden statues), laundromat, a library, a fire station, a welcome center (oddly enough), 2 bars, lots of fruit stands, several schools, a general store, two gas stations, several churches, a medical clinic, a pet spa, a dance studio and a place that sells or repairs (I wasn't paying attention) appliances. That's about it, to my knowledge.


  1. Cheaper than Wal-Mart and without florescent lights!?!?!
    Okay that's it, I'm getting on a plane!


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