Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

We left Spokane at 5:45am on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. 
Five of us piled into the little Civic. 
We dozed, talked, listened to Christmas music on Pandora (thanks to the iPhone)
We dropped one of our party off at his family's home in Seattle. We passed this beauty on our way out of the city.

 Rachel and I were thankful for the extra room in the backseat. 

Safeco Field in rainy Seattle

We dropped Rachel and John off in Tacoma and arrived in Olympia at about 1:30. We took naps in the living room and had a lazy day. 

On Thanksgiving day, we slept in, got ready, made food, and ate at about 2pm.

My plate. I was SO full... no second helping for me!

One of Carson's many servings of pie. I ate half of a piece of chocolate pie, but he made up for the both of us!

That evening, we sat around and looked at the Black Friday ads.

A little before 10:30pm, we went to Wal-Mart to see if we could get any deals (we wanted a laptop). It was madness. I tried to capture the crazy mess of people but couldn't. People were in the frozen food section lined up for computers (the same one we wanted, so we didn't stay). There was plastic over items to be opened and sold at midnight. People had ripped those bags off and gotten their stuff.

On our way out, we took a picture in the surprisingly empty Christmas tree section: Jordan, Savannah, Jasmine, me, Carson

This was our list of stores we wanted to hit. We ended up skipping most of those and going to places in the mall instead. Best Buy had maybe 500 people in line so we definitely avoided that.

We waited for an hour in the rain for Macys to open (and then discovered we could have been waiting the nice warm mall for that time)

We shopped for SO LONG. The guys got grumpy and left before 1am, but we stuck it out. At about 5:30am, we got really tired and parked ourselves in JcPenney with this terrific view.

A kind employee took pity on us and gave us candy canes. We were going on the strength of these and Thanksgiving dinner 15 hours beforehand.

Our final stop was World Market at 7am. We enjoyed what the store had to offer. 

And then this is how we looked at 8:30am when we got home. Don't judge unless you were out shopping for 10 hours also.

We took naps, showered and changed, then watched Christmas movies (Rudolph, Elf, The Shop Around the Corner) and played or observed Settlers of Catan

Saturday was another day to sleep in. That afternoon, we packed our things. Carson and I went to Meconi's, Carson's favorite place to eat in Olympia, while we waited to meet John and Rachel downtown.

We stopped at a gas station on the way home, where Rachel discovered that she had been tagged with a $3.99 price tag.

The rest of us resumed listening to Christmas music on Pandora, but Carson listened to a sermon like this:

And that was our Thanksgiving weekend

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