Friday, November 18, 2011

life in grainy pictures...

I know that I did a post of cell phone pictures awhile back, but I can't recall the last time... since I hadn't uploaded pictures from my phone since July, I'm going to assume that it's been longer than that. So I thought it was about time.

First up, I texted this to Carson one night just before bed (sorry about no makeup) this summer... he hates the nightguard I have to wear because it's big and gross so I sent a picture because I'm mean. 

Here's a picture from our girl's night back in July: Izzy, me, Rach, Steph

A painting I did as a gift for Carson's mom's birthday

On the way to the airport after Carson broke his foot

Picture Carson texted from work when he was crippled and just sat in an office

The mail waiting for me after I returned from three weeks away (Naches, Olympia, Pennsylvania)
We NEVER get that much mail in a normal three weeks.

Turquoise nails

Teaching Rach how to sew buttons. A proud moment.

Ah, summer school!

...what we do during movies. I WOULD say that I took a picture of the board because I won, but that's so unlikely.

We got a dog! Okay, no. But she was super sweet and I would have kept her.

First day of Theology

We wore jackets on a cold and rainy day in AUGUST. 

Looks like a lonely party, but the rest of the people were just out of the picture

Fishtail braid first attempt... can't figure out how to keep my thick hair in it!

Winking owl 

It was a sewing weekend...

So I organized our cupboards and discovered that we overbuy salt. We might still have these in 25 years... 

Rach and I in class (on break)

The day I got my nose pierced

This was at 8:30 on a Thursday. Yep, he's really asleep... looks like he's trying that planking trend though.

Three days after I got my nose pierced, we were on retreat and I forgot about it and pulled it out with a towel and couldn't figure out how to screw it back in... so I used a regular stud. I was nicknamed "Diva" because of this stud.

Cleaning the church... I guess I just document everything

This was NOT our favorite Writing Class book so we're not sure why there's a movie, but we texted it to Emily anyway.

Joey the goat

Happy Reformation Day (Oct 31)

It's an owl... (I know... it doesn't look like an owl...)

Our wedding video came in the mail! (and I look five years old)

Molly's German Chocolate Cake that I was so worried about and turned out fine!

Texted to me from Carson's phone. What a stud.

My second Halloween costume. 1/3 Three Blind Mice

I won a giveaway from here and LOVE the cards!

Carson loves the perks of working at a supplement or super cheap stuff!

I just love him.

Trying to get a decent picture of my nose ring.

What I was doing when I should have been taking notes in Sys Theo...

My first cold of the season

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