Monday, November 7, 2011

Jillian's Visit: The Final Post

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We continued our tradition of things we shouldn't by visiting Madeline's downtown around lunchtime on Jillian's last real day in Spokane. I had hot chocolate and Jillian had quiche and tomato basil soup that smelled wonderful. We split a piece of "Midnight Sin" chocolate cake afterward. She can handle more chocolate than I, so my portion was boxed up for her later. 

We were on a time schedule because we had to get ready for Kidz Club. Our harvest party was a costumed event and that meant that we needed to join in the fun. Jillian borrowed Heidi's scrubs and stethoscope and was a nurse while I was transformed into a hippie. Kidz Club parties have a different format, so we opened with songs and a lesson before breaking into stations for the kids to do activities. 

Scariest part of the day? I was asked to paint faces. I've never done that before. Most of the kids just wanted words and simple things, which I can do. Thankfully Isabel (crazy blonde wig) got the complicated "zombie" requests.

Here we have some of the Kidz Club leaders (the others were taking kids home): Heidi (tin man), Olivia (pirate), Bethany (raisin), Keith (himself), Rick (Superman), me (hippie), Emily (Indian). Missing are Brittany (Raggedy Ann) and Isabel (fairy)... their costumes are in pictures above.

Steph was "getting ready for a party when she got electrocuted" and Rachel was "Swedish Fish". Clever ladies.

We returned from Kidz Club and Skyped with Emily. We made dinner (spaghetti squash and meatloaf) and stayed up late talking against our better judgment. 

All too early (4am) we got up and headed for the airport to make sure Jillian got there in time for her flight.
Goodbye Jillian! It was a wonderful visit!

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  1. i hate goodbyes... and the goodbye part of this post made me sad all over again. :-(
    I had such a spectacular time with you! So glad that I was able to come out. We made many wonderful memories and I can't wait for the many more to come! love ya!


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