Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the three blind mice and pumpkin carving

For Halloween, this year, we DID dress up. There was a costume party the Saturday night before Halloween and we did group costumes... Can you guess what we were?

...the three blind mice!
Our three guys were the farmers who cut off their tails with a carving knife but we didn't get a picture. They wore plaid, hats and boots... (and no one told them that it was the farmer's wife who cut off the tails...)

On Halloween itself, we didn't dress up because we were going to school. I did turn one of Carson's t-shirts inside out and paint this on it: (ps - tshirts are HARD to paint!)

that night, we carved pumpkins!

We enjoyed chicken/artichoke pizza first

This guy is grossed out by the pumpkin guts... I imagine it's more the smell than anything.

Mine is an owl. It didn't turn out so well. 

Carson's is your typical scary jack-o-lantern - at least you can tell what his is! 

Other things on halloween: I wore spider earrings from Carson's mom
Never carve your pumpkin top like this - it takes FOREVER
Carson bought red velvet cupcakes for the occasion
I roasted pumpkin seeds. I'm the only one who likes them, which means more for me to enjoy!

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