Monday, November 21, 2011


This time of year is just such a whirlwind. I had lovely plans for the month of November which involved writing down things we're thankful for each day, recording those things, writing notes telling others how we are thankful for them... I suppose that it was life that hit, making those things a mere dream and not a reality. Suddenly, it was mid-November and I realized that all my papers were due the week after Thanksgiving; some big ones and some small. Life became more about checklists of things to do rather than counting blessings. Those times happen, and thankfully are short. That isn't the point of this post at all.

This year, we are thankful for:

  • Our relationship with the Lord. We have seen Him working in our lives this year. Not in crazy crazy ways, but we've seen more of His faithfulness in the day-to-day. I feel that it's often easier (maybe) to trust Him in the crazy different new things in life, and more difficult in the day by day things. This year, I've seen God in the small things.
  • Our relationship with one another. That's a given, of course. We have known one another for not-quite three years, and each year has brought something entirely different. We are growing with one another, which is another terrific blessing. I think I speak for both of us when I say that though we're very normal in our imperfect human way, we have grown in love for one another and our relationship has gotten deeper.
  • Our church family. This year, we officially became members of our church. It was actually back in June that we had our membership interview, but before that time and since then, we have become head over heels for our fellowship. We are able to serve, be discipled, disciple others, sit under excellent teaching and fellowship and interact with a fabulous body of believers at CTR. 
  • Our biological families. I put church family first since right now, they're the ones who are living life with us. Our families, though, are the people we call when we're not sure how to do something or just to say hello. We have seen quite a bit of Carson's side this year but nothing of mine, so we are thankful too for the blessing of technology so that we might stay in touch. 
  • Our friends, acquaintances and the people we're around. Right now, most of our friends are from church or school, since that's where much of our time is spent. Carson has made some friends at work and really enjoys all the people he's with on a daily basis there. I have just one friend from my last job with whom I've enjoyed dinner dates since quitting that job, but mostly, my friendships this year have been getting to know people better and meeting just a few new faces. This year held the added blessing of Jillian's visit. 
  • Our ministry situation. We mention the Reilly building on occasion, but I'm not sure I've explained what it is or why we're here.  The twelve members of the Reilly building are ministry interns, each with different ministry designations within the body of Christ the Redeemer Church. Some do youth ministry, some children's ministry, and there are five of us who do a little of everything, but are living here especially to clean the church. Though dusting and vacuuming are not always my favorite things, I am thankful that I live in this building. It's as close to a dorm as we can get - all of us live on one hall, right above the church office. We have a community up here and there are great friendships and fellowship within this place. I'm so thankful for each of the people we've been blessed to know. 
  • Our financial situation. Since this year involved school for both of us and graduate school application fees, money has not been freely flowing. However, Carson and I both worked this year (I don't work anymore; my job ended in May when I returned to school full-time) which was a blessing in this economy. Carson worked for the US Forest Service this summer and when he got back, his boss back here called him up and offered him a full-time position. We are SO thankful! Carson loves his job, possibly more than any sane person should, and is not only thankful for the money, but the atmosphere. It's a perfect job for him, and allows him to audit two classes at Moody.
  • Our education. 

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