Wednesday, November 16, 2011

lazy sunday afternoons

Recently, Carson's store was remodeled. Carson offered to do two 8 hour shifts with a four hour gap in between (5-9pm). He got home at 6am and proceeded to snooze. He had a difficult time sleeping during the day, so I gave him NyQuil (only drowsy medicine we have) and tacked a sheet up to our window. Contrary to the picture, it made the room much darker. 

After Sleeping Beauty was awake, he wanted to go to the park. So we chatted with the ducks and played in the leaves.

It was a chilly Sunday afternoon. Our stay at the park was maybe 15 minutes. Enough to play in the leaves and get home to our warm apartment.

I baked chicken with bread crumbs, a little paprika and other spices which we ate with pineapple, my favorite. Mmmm... a lovely Sunday.

I should also take a second to mention that today is Granddaddy's birthday! Happy birthday, Granddaddy. I hope your day is fantastic!

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  1. Wow...the trees look so pretty...looks like a nice day...and happy birthday to your granddaddy :)


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