Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh, What a Night!

On Saturday, we had a Reilly girls' night
 (minus Josie and Heidi... poor planning on our part excluded them and we're still sad about it)
It was fun, and crazy, and just a great evening with great friends and lots of pictures (152 from my camera!)

So we got pretty

We got dressed up 
(the dress I'm wearing is the back-up dress I had planned to wear to formal)

And went to Chili's
(this was taken by my phone)

Where we took LOTS of pictures
Of us, of our food, of whatever

And then we walked around the park to take more pictures. 
With the statue

On the steps
I love this picture!

Kissing the air... 

And some jumping pictures, which, despite our attempts to time the jumping, are not great. 
We took about 20. 

We ran around the park, taking pictures, bouldering on the bridge, and dancing

It was a beautiful night. Cotton candy sky.

We peeked out from behind trees

And then finished it up with dessert at Wendys
Where we got free Frostys, just for being us
...or because we had to wait...

And then danced in the parking lot of the Reilly

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