Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the fourth of july

Carson spent the Fourth of July at work, as he did last year. 

I spent our nation's birthday the way most Americans do:
Being lazy, swimming, spending time in the sunshine, stuffing ourselves with burgers and hot dogs, and watching fireworks. 
Not sure how that became American... going to doubt our founding fathers fired up the grill after putting their names on the Declaration. But anyway, it's how we celebrated. 

At the lake

And it was followed by a lovely fireworks display. 

One of the best celebrations of independence I've ever had! 
Spent with wonderful friends from my (church) family :)


  1. What are those people climbing?

  2. I guess Americans just tend to like food and laziness, and so American holidays tend to embody that. Yeah?

    Your hair is so long! I've never seen it so long. I wish my hair was long and red.


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