Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

- Lindsay spent a weekend in DC and Northern VA with Emily and Jillian
- We went to Taco Bell for our yearly trip

- We lived in Cleveland for six months
- We celebrated Valentine's Day

- We celebrated Easter (wasn't it strange that it was in March?)

- Not much happened. There was a warm day and we took this picture but beyond that there was a ton of snow.

- We had a fun Cinco de Mayo with friends


- We went to Port Clinton, Ohio for our backup anniversary trip
- We went to Niagara Falls
- We attended a couple of weddings

- We met the cat that has since tried to adopt us 

- Four years since we got engaged
- Carson went to a Browns game

- We visited Amish Country
- We went to the Drive-In 

- We went to a corn maze with our Community Group

- We met up with the Bennetts in Columbus
- We hosted Friendsgiving for our Community Group

- Traveled to Pennsylvania for Christmas
- We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve
- We traveled to Pennsylvania 

We traveled quite a bit:
New England
Washington, DC
Port Clinton
Niagara Falls
Beaufort (three times!)
Grand Rapids
Pennsylvania (two times!)

We crossed some things off our Cleveland list, including:

Highlights for us were:
Trips we took
A great first year (and first semester of second year) for Carson's grad school
Starting a community group
Seeing family several times this year!
Getting more involved in our church community 

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  1. Great pictures.......now I understand why the cat wanted to adopt you two; it knew Carson likes cats (I think you mentioned that recently.)....May God continue to bless your family in the new year.


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