Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Ivy Leagues

Carson went on a short little trip over to New England to visit some PhD programs recently. He spent around 30 hours driving (he left Sunday afternoon and returned super super late on Tuesday), 14 hours in meetings, and approximately SIX hours sleeping. Terrible. But he made it home alive (at two in the morning!) and greatly enjoyed his visits over there. It was a great time for him to meet people in programs he is interested in and to learn more about what the schools might have to offer.

I didn't go, but I had him take my pocket-sized camera along to document the trip. I was surprised to find that he actually took pictures! You'll notice blue skies and lovely leaves... and you might also notice that he wears the same outfit on both days. When he was a few hours from home he called to say "You'll never believe it... I packed all my other things but I left my clothes in the closet!" So he bought these at Walmart late at night and wore them twice. I just thought that was a funny addition to the trip.

The first school he visited was Yale. Yale is in New Haven, Connecticut. Carson said the area is really cute, very much a college town. He got up extremely early to make it over there (he was staying with his brother in Pennsylvania) and had to drive through New York City, which he says that he surprisingly liked.

He even had people take pictures of him on the campus. I think he's certainly changed since knowing me; for the longest time, he would basically growl when I asked to take a picture. Now HE is taking them.

And the next day, he went to Princeton. Most of you may know this, but Princeton is in New Jersey. Carson says that this campus reminded him of Hogwarts, from Harry Potter.

Again, another picture he had someone take. Carson said that on both campuses, the students were super nice and more than willing to stop what they were doing to take a photo.

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