Thursday, October 10, 2013

She Sells Seashells by the Seashore

When I was in the South, I went to the beach not once but TWICE! This is the first time I've been to a beach (on a real ocean) since our honeymoon. I guess I take that back. We went in December after we were married, but it was December so that really doesn't count as a beach trip. 

Anyway, the first was to Hunting Island with my sister. Becca and I stopped at Grandmama's for the beach pass and she gave us lunch and water and a walk down memory lane along with the pass. 

It was windy and the beach was mostly empty. This is the benefit of going on a school day.

It was so windy that our little "campsite" got completely covered in sand.

We went back to Grandmama and Granddaddy's to return the pass and ended up with dinner and sunset-watching.

Grandmama has a duck for every grandchild. I added one for Carson the year we got married, and Becca added a massive one for Thomas last year. I don't think one has been added for Caleb but we'll change that.

The following Tuesday, I joined Jillian, Graceanna and Emily for a beach trip to Tybee Island. I'd never been there before!

Mother-daughter matching outfits before the beach trip.

Gracie was a grumpy little beach goer. She most of the ride there.

This little bird walked next to us all the way down the beach.

Hunting Island doesn't have a pier, so I thought this one was fun.

 Graceanna must have been very tired, because she slept the whole time. I think the sound of the ocean helped.

A movie scene was being filmed there; I was told later that it was for the movie Spongebob Squarepants 2. We had fun watching and guessing what was going on.

I've never seen seagulls lying down. I know it must not be something special and new, but it was to me.

We made sandcastles of various shapes and sizes while eating grapes and talking about life. It took us right back to high school, except there was a napping baby in a stroller next to us.

Emily and Jillian braved the cold-ish water.

I babysat, and it was difficult work. Clearly Gracie was a handful.

I became brave soon after and Emily decided to join me. It was cold but not unbearable.

Fun little swings line the way down the beach. We didn't sit on one, but aren't they lovely?

And naturally, we took a squish picture.

I went to the beach so often in high school that it seemed like deja vu to be back there and with the same friends (and sister but she's a friend too). Our conversation was different but the sand and the sound of the ocean were the same. It was lovely, and next time I'm back, I might try to squeeze in another trip!


  1. so fun! you made me miss home! i miss the beaches and water and palm trees and everything! (oh and the warm warm sun...)

  2. The statement that, "Our conversation was different," made me laugh! ;-) Had such a great time with you! Love the pictures!


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