Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First Snow

On October 24, it snowed. I woke up sometime early in the morning and noticed that it seemed much lighter outside than it should (the sun doesn't rise until after 7:30). "Could it be snow?" I wondered. 
And it was. 

First snows are usually more like false alarms. It will snow heavily all day but will have melted by nighttime. Not this snow. This snow was all business. Six inches when we woke up, melted a little bit from some rain, and then continued to snow. 

Being October, I was not overjoyed with the fact that the world was blanketed in white. Yes of course it was lovely, seeing the world covered with snow, but two days earlier I'd gone somewhere with no jacket. There wasn't time to get used to the fact that it would soon be snowy. 

Cleveland in general wasn't ready for the snow. Schools were closed because the plows weren't ready. The strange thing about this snow was that it was both a blizzard and a thunderstorm. I'd never heard thunder while it was snowing, but it was a very exciting combination. 

I took these pictures that morning, before it got darker and began to be stormy.

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