Monday, October 28, 2013

Perfect Fall Day

After church one Sunday, I really wanted to go somewhere and walk around. We settled on going to Patterson's Fruit Farm to choose a pumpkin and it turned into a little adventure.

There was a farm on the way and we stopped by, since we knew Patterson's would be crazy. They didn't have a real pumpkin patch, and Carson was set on a REAL one.

I took this picture because... well, look at the name of this company. Ha.

They had an orchard, which we walked through. We regretted not actually bringing things to pick apples; it hadn't crossed our minds.

In full disclosure - he picked these off the ground to juggle.

I didn't know until this day that you can eat clover. Carson made me try it and it did NOT taste like honey after all - it tasted like I was eating a weed.

Then we DID go to Patterson's, but we didn't choose a pumpkin there either. Not only did they not have a patch, but the line was super long. The people on the right there are in line. They have fantastic apple fritters and we wanted to get one, but again, long lines. We tasted them last year after Halloween when there were basically no people and would go back for them again, just not on a weekend.

We parked next to this baby Christmas tree. Isn't it cute?

After that adventure, we did get a pumpkin after all - we stopped by the grocery store. I put our pumpkins by the door, where they can scream fall to everyone!

The end.

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