Monday, October 7, 2013

Life Hacks

Here are two little life-hacks I've discovered lately. Not rocket science, just things that made me happy. 

Clean walls

I HATE flat paint. The texture of it really bothers me, and the fact that it's difficult to wash and clean drives me crazy. 
In a moment of desperation, I poured a little white vinegar on a light-colored rag (it happened to be the one in my hand, and I think that's good because it could possibly have transferred... I don't know that for a fact)
Anyway, IT WORKED! I went from room to room scrubbing scuffs off the walls I'd left, assuming that we'd just have to paint every single wall when we moved. 
Here's a not-great-light picture comparison to show you how it worked. That huge brown mark was from a chair.

Yay! Now if anyone knows how to get grease spots off the walls (yeah, I don't know how they're in the dining room either. We don't have food fights), let me know. Until then, I will continue rejoicing in my new discovery.

Melt your old candles

Another thing I discovered wasn't so life changing. I realized that I could melt the wax in my candles whose wicks weren't long enough. I just set the candle in a pot of water and let it boil, then poured it onto a disposable plate once it was loosened. I removed the metal bottom of the wick and let it dry. Now I can use my old candle wax in my wax warmer and now I have new jars. Win-win! 

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