Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Little Spray Paint Goes a Long Way

Many times, I've purchased things with the intent of painting them. 
Sometimes I do, if I'm very desperate. For instance, the "etc" sign below and the blue frame, originally wooden and baby pink, respectively. But I used what I had, which was always acrylic craft paint - great, but not really great for the task.
It wasn't that I was scared of spray paint, but that I forgot to buy it and then didn't want to go back to the store. 

So when I made my gallery wall, I wanted the majority of the frames to be the same color, and decided on black. It seemed like a basic first color of spray paint, so I went to the store with one thing in mind: spray paint. I spent forever picking one out, because while I was there, I remembered a lamp base I bought three years ago with the intention to paint it, and three years was long enough.

So I got these - a basic matte black and a glossy light blue that was said to work on glass, which I needed for my lamp base.

Since it was my first time spray painting (on my own - I've helped people before), I took pictures.

While at the store, I didn't think to purchase painter's tape, or anything that would work, so I used what I had (see a pattern?) and taped off my lamp with scotch tape.

 I sprayed mostly even coats, but it looks drippy in the picture. It was difficult to get the paint even, because of the shape. the frames were a no-brainer and done really quickly but I didn't take their picture since they weren't a pretty blue.

Here's the finished product, which lives on my nighttable with this happy Target clearance lampshade. I didn't notice when I took this picture, but yep, the lampshade is lopsided.

I would say that my first spray painting adventure was a success, however I learned two things:
1- I didn't know that spray painting was a fever and that I'd want to paint everything in sight. I began to size up my dining room chairs and the rocking chair in the living room after this.

2 - my hand and forearm were strained because of painting! I don't know how I did it, but I feel like I pulled something or hit a nerve or something doing this - I was in so much pain for five days after this! (but I would still do it again)


  1. Remember the summer when I spray painted four chairs,three lamps and a ridiculous number of frames black? It's definitely addictive. I have some things that I'd like to spray paint right now, but the arm pain has kept me from it.

  2. Love love love that lamp!!! the paint color, the would fit well in my living room ;) I'm inspired now...I have so many of those goodwill finds that desperately want to be painted!


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