Friday, September 20, 2013

The Switch

So we've been sleeping on the couch or the air mattress downstairs a lot this summer. I love warm weather but I can't sleep well when I'm sweaty. The upstairs has one vent for the air, and it was right next to the bed, so it basically blew air away from us at night. The box fan we used just wasn't powerful enough for the large upstairs room. 
In the winter, we were shivering and a space heater wasn't enough (same vent problem/big room problem). 
It wasn't working out for us, so months ago, we discussed switching the rooms. That way, the downstairs room wouldn't be such a junky catch-all room, we'd be cooler/warmer no matter the season (the downstairs room also has a fan) and we could use the upstairs as a den/office/community group small group room. We didn't do anything about it at the time. One night, I couldn't sleep (I was too hot) so I made a proposal to switch the guest bedroom (downstairs) with the master bedroom (upstairs). Carson agreed and we set my plan to motion the next morning, which was Labor Day.

This was my "master plan". Good thing I'm not an architect. These things aren't remotely to scale. 

Ugh. It was not so fun and seemed like a bad idea at this point - oh, forgot to mention that we started this an hour and a half before I had to go to work. It wasn't pretty. Those weird apple light-pulls are there for the long haul. I hate them, Carson loves them, and we aren't going to be here long enough for me to actually spend money or time replacing them. 

And the upstairs:

This, by the way, is a comparison:

Already, this is much, much more functional. Why did we not do this months ago?! Still trying to figure out something for over the bed and curtains for the downstairs room. Know of any fabric sales? Art sales? I want to add orange, coral, red and yellow to compliment the blue and brown.

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