Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Cookies

We made Christmas cookies during our Christmas weekend! We've never baked for Christmas together, but thought it was about time that we put our many cookie cutters to use! We kept putting this off on Friday and Saturday, so we made these Sunday afternoon and then frosted them on Monday where they were later enjoyed by our Community Group. 

I used a Better Homes and Gardens recipe and it was excellent. We doubled it and it made close to 50 cookies of various shapes and sizes.

Carson was undoubtedly the more creative one. He purposely cut the heads and limbs off gingerbread men to be funny, cut the head off the horse to "be like the horse in The Godfather" (we recently saw that, and believe me - not something you should be making cookies after).

For my own future reference, the cookies worked best when they were a little thicker - I didn't really measure but I'd say 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. I baked them for about 7 minutes, and it could have been a little less because I think they would have been more golden than golden brown and that would have been nice. Either way, they were tasty.

For the icing, I mixed powdered sugar, a little milk, corn syrup and vanilla extract together with a few drops of food coloring (4 green, 3 red) and frosted my little cookies with a little spreader. Thanks to Grandmama, I had lots of sprinkles to decorate with. 

This is Carson's creation, but I frosted it this way.

It was a little messy. Next time - waxed paper.

Yum! This won't be the last you'll see of cookies this year. I have to make more for a work cookie exchange and I'm going to be hosting a cookie decorating party for our church pretty soon, so prepare yourself to see lots of sugar! 

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  1. You didn't get your cookie-making skills from your mother. I cannot make shaped cookies, and, apparently, you can. They look so pretty, and y'all look like you were having fun making them!


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