Monday, December 9, 2013

Dotted Glass Ornaments

My friend Heather and I decided to do a Christmas project day. We weren't sure what we were looking for, but we combined our Pinterest pins to find something that was both doable by two non-professional crafters, and Christmassy. Oh, and not too expensive.

We went to Hobby Lobby with some ideas in our minds, and came out with the supplies to make some fun ornaments. They were inspired by the lovely Anthropologie glasses pictured below:

We were actually going to try and recreate these glasses, but we saw comments of people who had tried that, and apparently unless you use some sort of heavy-duty sealant (and sometimes even then) the acrylic comes off easily.

But what better thing to do than adapt that idea for Christmas?

Enter glass ornaments. I love these things, and actually used them last year for my wedding invitation ornaments. They're relatively cheap, and were 40% off that day at Hobby Lobby. I had acrylic paints already, and just in case, we bought sealant too.

Our technique was super difficult. We just dabbed paint in various colors along the bottoms of our ornaments. At the very bottom, we concentrated our dots, then gradually tapered off nearer to the top.
Heather used the bristles of her brush to create more of the neat messy look seen on the Anthro glasses above. I had the brilliant idea of using the end of my brush to make dots, which looked fine, but was SO tedious. Heather finished her whole tray of ornaments before I was done with half of mine.

 Once dry, we sealed them. We started outside, but it was windy, so we moved to the basement. It's not well-ventilated, but it's better than the kitchen table or acrylic sealant on our faces.

To make these, you'll need:
Glass ornaments
Acrylic or glass paint
Acrylic sealer (not necessary)

Just dot, let dry, and seal if necessary!
And lo and behold, they're beautiful. I love them on my tree.

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