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Thanksgiving 2013, Part 2

The morning after Thanksgiving, Carson and I headed to Bluffton for some Black Friday shopping. We didn't buy new TVs and we really didn't get that much at all, but it was fun browsing the stores. It wasn't crazy at all, like we were expecting (we went from about 9-12, so I think we missed most of the crazy). 
We went in to Beaufort after that to spend time with old friends. Carson and I hadn't spent time with the Kipes and Davidsons all at once before, so it was super special to all be together for the first time. And naturally little Graceanna was the star of the afternoon. 

We bundled up the baby and decided to walk to lunch, since our meeting spot was downtown. S

It was a beautiful day, and really not that cold, so we walked over the bridge to the Upper Crust. When I was younger, my dad and I used to ride our bikes over two of the big bridges in Beaufort, and this was one of them. I've never gone over it with Carson before though, so it was a fun and new way for him to see where I grew up.

After we'd crossed the top, the bridge opened, so all the cars stopped and we watched as it slowly swung around.

When the bridge stops, people often get out of their cars to look over the edge or take pictures... or they just stare at the window at the people walking by.

That's the other bridge Dad and I used to bike over in the distance.

We ladies were THRILLED that our husbands got to spend time together... the first time for all three of them!

Graceanna was quiet the whole ride, but really wanted milk when we got to the restaurant.

Jillian and I both got the steak wrap, which was amazing.

Guess how she really feels about us?

The silly girl with her crazy "aunts"

We passed the Cannons on our way back, and Carson took a few pictures of us ladies. We have so many pictures taken here, but these might be my favorites.

And the first-ever picture of all six of us. Gracie was asleep so she didn't get to join the fun.

The main street in downtown Beaufort is Bay Street, which is just perfect.

Emily with her dream house.

Graceanna stayed outside sleeping with our husbands while we ladies went inside and indulged in ice cream and tea.

When she woke up, they joined us.

Graceanna desperately wanted to touch the necklaces but knew she couldn't. It really pained her not to do it (her mother took this picture).

The sweetest apartment in the world

We left our friends and headed back over the bridge to Granddaddy and Grandmama's house where the fire was in full blaze for an oyster roast.

It was kind of huge. And thankfully, no trees were harmed from the flames... well, not any trees that were up high.

 Becca was there, so I got this picture of Carson and Becca matching.

And a sisters shot where we once again look NOTHING alike.

Carson tried his first oyster. He said that it tasted like a booger with ketchup (he used cocktail sauce), needless to say, he didn't go back for more.

We enjoyed dinner with the family, and then went back home. The Rudolph plane was lit up at the Air Station, so we stopped (no one was behind us - beauty of a small town) and took a picture of that. I love that they do this each year.

When we pulled in the driveway, Daisy was hanging out, probably hunting for rabbits, so we let her in to ride up to the house with us.

The next morning, we took forever deciding our plans. Becca and Scott capitalized on this and picked a tree out for Becca from the woods.

Then we went to Outback for Mom's birthday, which is December 1st (but we left that day, so it was an early celebration).

Carson had them sing to her, and she got free ice cream as a result!

Carson manned the camera for a photo shoot... out of all the pictures, these are the best because poor Becca was blinking or talking in FIVE of them.

And a picture with her first son-in-law (this time, Thomas wasn't sick, he was working)

A brother picture... no idea whose truck that is, but they chose to take the picture in front of it.

We stopped by Nana's house next and on the way back, passed by places we used to live. The first three houses I lived in were in the same neighborhood.
This is the house my dad bought when he was 20, and the house they lived in when Becca and I were born.

And this is the house they lived in for a few months while building another. It sold and we lived there for a couple of months before moving to the next place for six weeks (or maybe it's the other way around. I was three.). We called this the "barn house" and I loved it for the stairs. I know I was little, but I can still remember the exact layout. I loved this house.

We spent time at home watching the football rivalry games (the end of the Auburn-Alabama game was AWESOME!) and Dad came home in the middle of it. Mini clearly missed him.

And Carson dreamed of his football glory days

While Mom recalled her days as a cheerleader (behind him)

We watched the Clemson-Carolina game while wearing garnet and black.

But Oscar just wanted to play

And while watching, we decorated the saddest tree.

And had birthday pumpkin pie during halftime

AND gave out the Christmas gifts we'd brought (shop early=no shipping fees)
Mom got lots of coffee

Oscar wondered what was worth making a fuss over more than him

And Scott got farming books

And Oscar and Dad got a frisbee made from a firehose

Looks like he's disappointed here.

Dad got new slippers - no more Crocs!

We left the next morning, but Dad made breakfast, so we left a few minutes later than planned. We dressed Oscar in his University of Washington sweatshirt for the occasion (Carson found this years ago at a thrift store, probably made for a small child... but Oscar is LIKE a small child so it works). The Huskies won the Apple Cup the day before, so it was appropriate. 

The dogs anxiously awaited handouts.

My parents don't even use their dishwasher... they just set the dishes on the floor and you wouldn't believe how clean they get (kidding. the dogs pre-rinse.)


  1. Yay! This makes me so happy. Love ya!

  2. i love reading your posts…the commentary on each picture always makes me laugh!:) love you!


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