Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Weekend

Our weekend turned out to be very Christmassy, which was wonderful. 
As you know (maybe) Carson and I work very different schedules, so although we see each other every day, it's often in passing. Dinners together are incredibly rare, since evenings are spent at work or in the library for Carson. It's fine because it's the season we're in, but the point is that we really look forward to those times when we both have free schedules.
Last weekend was such a weekend. I was randomly given Friday, Saturday, Sunday AND Monday off without asking, which was SO GREAT. 
Carson didn't have to work Friday evening, so we made plans to have a Christmas movie marathon. I went out to buy him a gift, and when I returned, he was putting lights on the house... in his new bacon PJs from his mom. PJs outside? We keep things klassy here. 

This was our little set-up.

We watched Home Alone, Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, The Christmas Shoes and Elf.
I planned out the evening, with activities (we were going to bake cookies but the couch proved super cozy so we didn't) and snacks and a yummy soup in the crock-pot.

For the soup, I used this recipe, but tweaked it quite a bit. Carson LOVED it.

I also roasted asparagus, which was excellent.

During a break between movies, Carson washed the dishes and I took pictures of the lights on the house.
Oh, for those of you who don't live in snow, this is how light it is in the sky at 10pm when it's snowing. It's an eerie sort of light, but seriously quite bright.

And this is our house. We bought icicle lights, but they refused to unfurl and look like icicle lights. Still pretty though. I love how it looks with the snow. Cozy.

And here's the view from the hallway into the living room, for a little more random coziness. Twinkle lights everywhere. Carson stated this year that they are prettier than colorful lights which is big news because he usually says the opposite (and when he reads this he will likely deny that he said it, BUT HE DID.)

Later that weekend, we made Christmas cookies, but I took a lot of pictures of that, so they'll live in their own post.

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