Monday, December 30, 2013

Pennsylvania Christmas

We headed over to Pennsylvania after I worked on Christmas Day. It was a six hour drive (it's shorter if you take the toll roads but we are not about that) to the Lancaster area where Carson's brother lives. 

We spent Wednesday-Sunday there, spending lots of time with our five beautiful and hilarious and incredibly energetic nieces. Carson and Trent did some brother bonding over manly movies, Checkers and shooting little girls with Nerf guns. Erin and I did some sister bonding over shopping, which included great deals and a lot of walking. We worked in a trip to the park, a first birthday party, a ceremonial taking-down-of-the-Christmas-tree and several cases of flu-like sickness (now a Bay Family tradition - we all got a 24-hour bug when we visited for Christmas 2 years ago, but that bug was way worse). It was a fun little trip, crazy to see how much the girls have grown since our last visit (too long ago - March), and to think about how nice it will be to get together again once we're all warm and well. 

Now, pictures.

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