Friday, December 27, 2013

Our Christmas 2013

I worked Christmas morning and then we hit the road, so we decided to have our Christmas at home the day before. Carson (okay mostly Carson) was dying to open gifts, so we opened a few that were sent to us on Christmas Eve-Eve, which was Christmas Eve for us (confused?). I made Carson take a picture in front of the tree which resulted in a lot of ridiculous Carson moves.

And I know, lots of gifts. The mail this year was insane. Plus some of those are ready to go for other people. And the star on the tree will not point straight. It has attitude.

We opened our gifts from Granddaddy and Grandmama.

Carson modeled, and I told him people would see these pictures, but he didn't care (he LOVES the sweatshirt - thank you!)

After I got off work on Christmas Eve, we had real Christmas. We wear PJs to open gifts on Christmas, so I threw those on (I opened, so I was all too glad to be comfy) and took the "Christmas morning" picture.

We started with stockings.

Friends of ours gave us the Costco sized thing of Pellegrinos, so we are set for probably the next three days, because Carson loves special drinks :)

I got the Sperrys I'd been eyeing

And a warm headband! And warm scarves! (Oh, it was 17 degrees this day)

Carson got the perfect cookie cutters for next year's cookies

And a neat car thing that he instantly loved but I didn't really understand.

While I enjoyed the wonder of new sweaters

And this was the millionth picture Carson took. He takes ten in a row, so there are a lot with me making my "STOP IT" face.

For months, Carson's complained that my aprons are too girly for him (but more than that, they are ridiculously tiny on him), so I mentioned that to my mom and she made him this. And he loved it.

I saved Carson's helicopter for last. And he loved it like I expected but I forgot to buy batteries because I thought you just charged it. Oops.

I also got him the same slippers we got my dad. He loved them and wanted/needed some so now they can match.

We got so spoiled this year! So many fun things, new clothes, neat things to do and watch (A Christmas Story!?) together! Merry Christmas!

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