Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Carson's Birthday

Happy Birthday Carson!
Carson's birthday is six days before Christmas, so if I can, I like to try and make it special. Since it's in the middle of a rather busy time, it's fun to squeeze in one day of birthday fun. 
I wanted to throw a surprise party, but with all the things we had going on this year (last year we didn't know people; this year we know too many and are too busy), I decided not to. Instead, I had a just-for-Carson surprise party, which mostly involved blowing up balloons. 

I blew some up before he got home from work, and later that night once he was asleep I blew some more up in the bathroom with the shower running to mask the sound (the squeaky sound balloons make when you tie them sounds VERY similar to feet squeaking in a wet shower).

Then I got a little crazy with my Dollar Store balloons and streamers and decorated the door to our room (sneaking back in without him noticing was an art) and our dining room.

There's a Christmas tree in there too because it is that time of year after all.

He woke up and was VERY surprised when he opened the door to streamers. He just stood and looked sleepily at them, confused.

Once he woke up a little more, it was time for presents.

A Christmas Carol (Barnes and Noble has this pretty leather version)

His parents sent a Tshirt and sweatshirt from his favorite sub place in Olympia and Carson couldn't have been happier. He's been wearing them often since.

I found these tasty peanut butter chocolate cupcakes at Trader Joes, and they worked for a birthday cake.

And then I made breakfast. Bacon, and eggs with pepperjack cheese on top.

For lunch (Carson worked on PhD applications in between breakfast and lunch because he is diligent even on his birthday), I took him to a Mexican restaurant we've been wanting to try. They have a lunch buffet and given his great love for buffets (anytime we pass one, he gazes longingly out the car window), he chose that.

It was mostly empty, since we came for a late lunch on a Thursday afternoon, but the decor was very loud.

We finished off Carson's birthday by going to work. We both closed that night, but since I usually work mornings, I was so thankful to have gotten time to spend celebrating Carson!

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