Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chagrin Falls Christmas

The Sunday after Carson's birthday, we got the chance to hang out with some great friends. After church, we met the Storey family for lunch at Melt. After a couple hours of conversation there, we divided and then headed into Chagrin Falls. For Carson's birthday last year, we went to see the Hobbit with John and Rachel, so to keep tradition going, I invited John and Rachel, and Heather and Evan to join us, plus Evan and Rachel's brother Elliot. We ladies ditched the guys (I didn't like the books and really didn't like the last movie) and saw Saving Mr. Banks instead, the movie about the making of Mary Poppins. I'd say we made the best choice. It was a GREAT movie.

 The Hobbit was 45 minutes longer than ours so we took this excellent picture in the movie theater lobby and then went into Chagrin Falls.

It's lovely this time of year.

The guys met up with us after getting drinks at Starbucks. I took this picture of them through the window.

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  1. More winter wonderland pictures......and I love the falling snow. Lovely


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