Friday, December 7, 2012

Wedding Invite Ornament

Another little tutorial for you today. This one is really easy and will take less than 10 minutes. It makes a great gift (I've been known to save other people's wedding invitations for years because I feel bad just throwing out something so pretty and special so now I can just give those back!)

Wedding invitation or other memento (could be fun with kid's artwork, movie tickets or even pretty magazine cutouts)
Clear glass ornament (mine is medium-sized and came in a pack of 6 at Michael's) 

Cut your invitation into strips like this. I wanted certain lines to be visible, so I didn't cut evenly, I just cut my strips wide enough for the words to show.

Wrap your pieces around a pen or something equally small. The thinner it is, the more coiled your paper will stay.

Twist them into the opening of the ornament. Use the end of the pen to position your strips as you like (I wanted our names to show, so I maneuvered the strip to show that).

Tie a ribbon on top (I used one leftover from a wedding gift. Bonus: our wedding colors were purple and green so it works!) and hang on your tree!

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