Sunday, August 11, 2013

Four Years Since

We got engaged four years ago today. 
Last week, I had Jillian take our pictures at Old Sheldon Church, where we got engaged. It's funny comparing the four-years-ago us to the four-years-later us. 

I'm not as tan (I lived in South Carolina that summer and went to the beach all the time.), we're not really in the same shape anymore (I was running every day and Carson was a ranger in the Washington wilderness), our hair is longer, we don't look like little kids (or we look like older little kids), and most importantly,
now we're married

Can't believe it's been four WHOLE years since this day...
and can't believe it's only been four years.
What an adventure life has taken since then!

Maybe we'll take this picture in four more years and compare the difference :)


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