Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Flying Colors

You probably haven't grasped the importance of the GRE test from the posts written here, and that's entirely my fault. For weeks - no, MONTHS - we have been thinking about this test (it's short for Graduate Record Examinations).

It's been one of those things that we think about so often that sometimes I have to say "Carson, we need to talk about something else" because we really discuss it THAT often. Carson has spent most days this summer reading and studying a variety of things in addition to working full-time labor jobs as well as his part-time research assistant-ship. You might say that his plate has been a bit full.

Carson took this test initially in the Spring of 2011 and scored fairly high, although to talk to him you might think he failed it. Since his scores weren't quite satisfactorily high enough for him, he's been preparing to take it again for an incredibly long time. Why? Well, he's getting ready to apply for PhD programs for Fall 2014.

He studied for so long (I believe he began studying in January, but REALLY buckled down once the spring semester ended) because his desire was to continue taking (free) practice tests until he achieved the desired score. The "desired" score was a number that a school mentioned when he asked if there was anything he could do to waive the application fee (you won't know unless you ask). 

All of that background wouldn't have been necessary if I'd kept you in the loop. 

On the 17th of August, Carson took the GRE for the second time. He continued to study and take practice tests that week and added a few "superfoods" to his diet in hopes that they would help him focus during the test. I was out with friends when he finished the test (I know - sounds rude, right?) but asked him to call and tell me how he did. 

I got a cryptic text that said "I am all that is man" which caused me to assume that he was pleased with the score. I called him and he didn't answer (he went out with friends too, after all, so I wasn't THAT terrible), so I called him a couple more times and guess what? He got a BETTER score than was required for that one school. As he would definitely say - "boo ya"

99th percentile. He's a smart one. 

I just thought I'd brag about Carson a little bit because he really studies SO hard and works so much. He's the most diligent student I've ever met, going so far as to read the recommended readings AND the books for the professors he's working for (he sort of works as a teacher's assistant, so sometimes he teaches a class or two) AND work a full-time summer job AND study like crazy. 


  1. You are so blessed. His parents reared a hard-working, diligent provider for you.


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